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selles d'amazones américaines

une nouvelle série de selles d'amazone, du côté des Etats-Unis


Ladies Side Saddle with classic raised floral carved incised tooling representative of the earliest Northern California Saddle Makers. All original including Carpet Seat, Leaping Horn, and cinches. Attributable to Main & Winchester, San Francisco. Fine condition, circa 1850s.

The sidesaddle had belonged to a Mrs. Williams, who had ridden the saddle on a cross-country trek from Virginia to California in 1849.

selles d'amazones américaines

une autre, attribuée aux mêmes selliers

selles d'amazones américaines

Scarce Ladies Antique Side-Saddle by Main & Winchester, San Francisco, California. Having a tan wool mohair seat and hand-tooled leather skirt and fenders. Marked clearly with an oval stamp on both sides of skirt: Main & Winchester/MAKERS/San Francisco. Cinch ring latigos fastened to bottom of wood tree.

selles d'amazones américaines

et une autre selle d'amazone

Main and Winchester Side Saddle, SanFrancisco, CA. Cloth torn and moth eaten, leather dry and brittle.

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