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Un livre sur l'équitation en amazone en vente sur ebay


 Side Saddle by Doreen Archer Houblon

Published 1977, by J.A.Allen.




Chapter I. Broad Principles of Riding Astride and Side Saddle. Advantages and Disadvantages of Riding Side Saddle.

Chapter II. Riding an Art of Movement. Balanced Seat Aimed At. Grip. Details of "Key Positon" of Seat and Hands.


Chapter III. Analysis of a Horse's Mov ements at the Walk, Trot, Canter and Gallop, and the Rider's Reacctions to Them.

Chapter IV. A B C of Language of the Aids. The Leg. Stiffness, its Cause and Effect.  Weight of the Body. Hands. Method of Holding Reins. Methods of Guiding. Keeping a Smooth Feel on Horse's Mount. "Hands". Voice. Whip. Spur.

Chapter V. Imaginary Description of the Perfect Horsewoman.  Deeper Discussion of the Aids. Impulsion. Balance. Collection. The Leg. Weight of the Body. Hands. Reins and Whip as a Substitute for Rider's Leg on the Off Side.


Chapter VI. Turns at the Halt and in Movement. Lateral Movements.

Chapter VII. Cantering with a Named Leg Leading.  Changing the Leading Leg at the Canter.

Chapter VIII. Jumping. Movements of the Horse whe Jumping. Effect on Rider's Seat. Swing. The Leaping Head on the Saddle. Hands when Jumping. Being "Left".


Chapter IX. Jumping (continued) . The Approach to a Fence. Speed when Jumping. Regulating a Horse's Stride. Riding Refusers.

Chapter X. Riding Horses with Bad Habits. Napping. Rearing. The Standing Martingale. Bucking. Shying.

Chapter XI. Conclusion.

Appendix I. Mounting and Dismounting.

Appendix II. Gate Opening.

Appendix III. Hacking.


Appendix IV. Fitting of Side-Saddle. Girths. Balance Strap. Shape of the Seat. Care of the Saddle.

Appendix V. Suppling Exercises.


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